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05 April 2010 @ 21:10

OK. Today was the last day for me at ''work''... and genial idea came to my mind xDD
(it may be good idea for manga or something xDD I need to practice how to draw body well so I can draw some pictures xDD)

''Atsu-i Circus''

Ok.. let's explain xDD I was daydreaming as most of the time and this BT feat. Soft Ballet, Morrie and Issay circus came to my mind xDD Imagine how awesome this circus would be!!

                Show isn't so amazing comparing to professional circus lol, but there're always a lot of people to just watch pretty boyz... Circus appearance is something like 13kai wa Gekkou style, dark, with feeling that it is full of ghosts and spirits, little scary and uncomfortable environment inside.  BUT..then the HOT circus manager Atsushi Sakurai comes in. He looks like from Alice in wonder underground, but has some Kagerou (not from pv, but from pictures) creepiness, also has big black boa around his neck. AND don't forget some cats following behind ~^_^~
                 The Manager Sakurai is also a magician so he pulls a huge yellow snake out of his hat, then Ken Morioka (Soft Ballet) comes in and takes the snake from Sakurai.
- Amazing snake-man for your amazement, please enjoy. - announces Mannager Sakurai, grins and disappears under the red curtain.

                 Ken performs nice show, little awkward though, where he uses his elasticity skills (well he practices a lot in the concerts, dancing like crazy) on a round blue platform. He stands up, bows holding a huge snake around his neck when Sakurai comes again with two anonymous staff members carrying human-size mirror box. Ken comes in, box is closed and Sakurai turns it around, opens and there stands Imai! His look is from 13th Floor with Diana concert, but he also has blue top hat ^^ He tries to perform some kind of clown entertainment show, but it's so weird and if you didn't know it's Imai it wouldn't be amusing :D
                 After Imai weird-clown show, Endo (Soft Ballet) runs into the ring with two panthers and a giraffe. Endo looks like from later years of Soft Ballet, or like from his solo project ENDS, wearing skinny jeans, white tank top, fake fur jacket and yellow glasses. He shows how trained his animals are, then comes Toll with weights, Yuuta with his dressed bunnies' show ^_^  Suddenly everyone's attention goes up where Issay starts walking through tight rope, after he shows some tricks with ropes in the air swinging on them. By the way he wears tight synthetic pants and he is topless :3 Morrie comes after him, with his swords and knives. He throws daggers into a board with anonymous girl (from M.A.D pv) tied on it. Everyone is amazed and the audience stays still while he puts a sword in his mouth and pushes it in his throat. 
                Sakurai comes back with the mirror box, in which this time ventriloquist Hide shows up with his Brad Pitt's doll. And the last is Fuji Maki (Soft Ballet) all tied up in lots of chains with locks. And well, he is free after 10 minutes!! Amazing isn't it?

-Visit us again, and don't forget to bring more diamonds~ See you! - says Sakurai and finishes the show ''cutting'' Dokudanjou Beauty girl into parts. And cats are just crazy walking and walking around him...

That'd be fun ^_^

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27 July 2009 @ 18:23

I just don't want everyone to see my silly fangirling :DD (That's why I moved from my blog :DDDD)
If we have something in common feel free to add me or comment to be added ^_^

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25 July 2009 @ 13:45

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30 June 2009 @ 13:06
Happy birthday shonen_terroris ... Have a great drink party!!!

27 June 2009 @ 16:19
Okay... I have new screens from Sims 2 with Acchan's n___n

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17 June 2009 @ 23:42
Oh~~ As I am posting everything in my blog ( maboroshi-no-miyako.blogspot.com/ ), my LJ is very empty and lonely TT^TT
So today I made exeption and posted here, so that other BiTches could see my 'I Am Too Lazy To Do Something So I Am Playing Sims 2' :DDD

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31 May 2009 @ 13:55
Since I have other blog, I'm not going to post here.  So here is my blog: maboroshi-no-miyako.blogspot.com/ Visit if you want n_____n

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